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Country to seecustom party wristbands pleasant weather during holiday custompartywristbands

Country to seecustom party wristbands pleasant weather during holiday

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    Visitors will enjoy mild weather with sunshine most of China and no major weather disruptions are expected as the longest public holiday, 8 days, starts on Sunday, the national meteorological authority said on Friday.

    "In the majority of regions, there will be sunshine and weather will remain pleasant, the holiday will be good for outdoor activities," said Liao Bing, deputy director of public service department of China Meteorological Administration, on Friday.

    But he added some regions will see short period of heavy rainfall, so there"s a potential of landslides in mountainous areas.

    Southwestern region, including Chongqing and Sichuan provinces, will see rainfall on Oct 1 and 2, and another bout is projected around Oct 4, according to the forecast from China Meteorological Center.

    Some northeastern and northern regions, including Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, would confront cold front, which may cause temperature to drop on Oct 1 and 2, it added, another bout is expected at the end of the holiday.

    This year the longest public holiday starts on Oct 1, the National Day, and then a week-long holiday for Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Oct 4.

    It"s expected that around 710 million trips will be made across China from Oct 1 to 8, according to China National Tourism Administration.

    For tourists coming to Beijing, they will have blue skies during the whole holiday.

    The air quality will stay good because of the windy weather, "which means the air quality this year will be better than last year during the holiday," said the Beijing Environmental Monitoring Center on Friday.

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